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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Evergreen by Rebecca Rasmussen

"Evergreen" is an interesting book. I found myself getting caught up in the characters and the story line, but yet at the same time wondering about how plausible the whole story was. Maybe it is not that important, but some of the characters seemed to be believable and others not so much. At times, I felt as though there were some gaps in the story and feeling like something was missing. All that being said, I enjoyed the book for the most part and think it was well written and thought provoking.

Eveline and her husband Emil begin their married life in the wilderness of 1938 Minnesota. After they have their son, Hux, Emil receives a letter saying that his father is dying in Germany and he heads there. Eveline decides not to go back to town to live with her parents, but stays in their cabin aided by neighbors, Lulu, Reddy and their son, Gunther. Eveline is the victim of rape and becomes pregnant while Emil is away. Lulu helps deliver the baby and Eveline gives the baby girl away. The baby girl is named Naamah and is raised as an orphan.

As things change, and the wilderness begins to vanish, the lives of Hux, Naamah and Gunther as intertwined over the years. The story itself spans three generations. This story was another reminder that the choices one generation makes has an impact on the generations that follow. The covering up a situation only leads to pain and heartbreak for those involved in the present and those in the future who are impacted by that decision. There is a glimmer of hope at the end and that helped to bring resolution to some of the pain from the past generation.

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