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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Good God, Lousy World, & Me by Holly Burkhalter

Holly Burkhalter is an activist working for change around the world in the midst of the horror of sex trafficking, genocide, rape, slavery and injustice. Although she grew up in a Christian home, she turns her back on Christianity when she sees her grandmother, a devout Christian and former missionary, have an emotional breakdown following the death of her grandfather. As she sees her grandmother lose her faith, she loses what little faith she has. She describes herself as a twisted, angry betrayed former Christian.

Her journey of faith begins when she meets Gary Haugen of International Justice Mission. Their mission is to mobilize the church to get involved in the area of human injustice. IJM believes the atrocities committed by human beings against other human beings breaks the heart of God and that it should break the hearts of Christians everywhere. Holly was impressed with the Christians who worship a good God and want to help the poor as it is commanded in the Bible. She witnessed Christian victims of atrocities praise God and thank Him for His presence with them in the midst of their suffering. Another person witnessed to Holly as she showed the unconditional love of God as she ministered to AIDS patients. Another friend who rescues victims of sex trafficking shared that he is only able to do what he does is by believing that God has a plan to redeem brokenness, find lost girls, and wipe every tear from their eye. Slowly Holly began to believe again a God who is good, who loves us unconditionally and who can perform miracles.

Holly shares her struggles with physical and emotional problems as she continues in her journey of faith. After she became a Christian, she began working with International Justice Mission. This memoir is one full of questions and no easy answers to the problem of human suffering. It is both an honest and thought provoking memoir.

I received a copy of this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.

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